When you are in Miami and are looking at its amazing nightlife the options are endless. Here are some suggestions depending on what you are looking for. 

Not your big clubs

Bardot Wynwood Area: Midtown. A loungie club that many nights has great live music that rolls into a fabulous dj. Drink prices are amazing compared to the beach (including their bottle service), the staff could not be any friendlier. It is the place that you could be any city in the world that just gives off great vibes and guaranteed good time.

Hyde South Beach– Located in the SLS Hotel in Miami Beach, it is a great blend of an intimate lounge with a great dance party while still having their awesome open air patio.

Foxhole– Miami Beach. Somewhere between a dive bar and a club. Big difference I know, but it is definitely classier than a dive bar, yet has a pool table, the music varies, the bartenders rock and you can still get table service.

Treehouse– Miami Beach. There are the big clubs that you can see big named DJ’s or there is Treehouse where you will hear fantastic EDM and chill with a bunch of people that love the music as much as you do.

Casa Tua– Time to pull out connections. The upstairs bar is private to members only but unlike Soho Beach House, if you know someone who is a member they can call you in. A great place to go and enjoy dinner and continue on with drinks.

The Broken Shaker– Miami Beach. They have captured the art of the perfect cocktail while the appearance is magical.

Wood Tavern– Wynwood. Great drink prices and laid-back atmosphere. A great place to meet up before going out or for a more relaxed but yet still entertaining night.

RADIO– Miami Beach. Awesome cocktails, free pool tables, great DJ’s and chill ambiance. Come be a local.

Blackbird Ordinary– Brickell. A little bit off the beaten track from the rest of the bars in Brickell, Blackbird offers rustic class with a hint of everything else.

Bougainvillea’s– South Miami. If you are in South Miami and just want good old fashion fun, head to Bougie’s where you can hear live music or play around of beer pong. A decent dive bar.

Gavanna– Wynwood, Design District. It is a club but it is not South Beach. It is small and intimate. Call ahead to avoid trouble at the door.

The Stage– Wynwood, Design District. Incredible bands with a large dance floor that fills up quickly. Outside has more of a lounge set up.

Soho Beach House– Miami Beach. A members only club with a beautiful view of the ocean. There are multiple floors and areas giving different elements to Soho Beach House. If you have the opportunity to go, do, especially when they are having one of their private parties.

The Abbey– Miami Beach. The best place on the beach to grab a beer.

Rec Room– Miami Beach, Gale Hotel. Have a great vibe in this posh lounge located underneath the Gale Hotel without too much of the hassle while enjoying, wait for it, a good old fashion mixed drink.

The Vagabond– Wynwood. Laid back and fun atmosphere where you can dance like no one is watching. Excellent music venue.

Your big clubs

Liv– Miami Beach, Fountainbleau. It is Liv, the club itself generates more capital than the entire hotel.

Mynt– Miami Beach. Can tend to be more exclusive than the other clubs so call ahead to reserve a table to avoid issues.

Story– Miami Beach. Spectacular sound system and lighting and have amazing DJ’s on a regular basis.

Space– Downtown. Known as the craziest and latest party club in Miami. The place you go when it is 4am and you want a change of scenery.

Wall– Miami Beach, W Hotel. Small and intimate with great music but gets a bit smoky.

Mansion, Bamboo, SET, Mokai, and Cameo are other popular clubs all located on the beach. The best way to ensure entry into a club and avoid waiting in long lines that you might not ever get past is by calling ahead and reserving a table for bottle service, that is if you do not have a contact number. Bottle service is expensive in Miami but you are paying for more than just a bottle, you are paying for easy entry, a private area in club with your own waitress. If you are a group of guys you basically must call ahead but a group of girls can pretty much get by. If you are a group of guys and have not been able to get through to reserve a table, try to pair up with a group of girls to allow  for easier entry.
Do not be rude to the doorman, it will be sealing your fate not to get in but if you are polite and flash him a $20 chances are it will help. Stay poised and confident, like you belong without having to convince someone you belong. There is a saying that if are you trying to name drop to get into a club, you don’t really know anyone or you wouldn’t be waiting in line at all, so don’t do it.
Dress the part. It is always fairly easy to point out tourists in Miami, try to blend in. For guys fitted jeans, fitted button-down collared shirts, fashionable dress shoes and a blazer is always acceptable. (You can take away the blazer if you would like.) For the ladies, well you can pretty much wear anything, but if you want to be seen like a local then don’t pull out the trashiest thing you have in your closet and decide Miami will be the best place to wear it. The girls here might not cover-up very much but they do it with class.

The best late night eating spots in Miami.

Le Sandwicherie– Miami Beach and Brickell.
El Taquito– 3410 Main Hwy  The Grove.
Casola’sClose to the Grove, Brickell and Coral Gables. Pizza.
Slice n Ice– The Grove. Pizza
Irish Times Pub– South Miami.

When you are not feeling so hot the next day, head to the Russian & Turkish Baths in Miami Beach to sweat out all of your impurities.
The pools at the hotels in Miami Beach can be more popular and a bit classier than the beach. Some hotels like The Standard allow you to hang out by the pool after a spa service. On Sundays people hang out by the pool at Nikki Beach, otherwise good luck and remember if you are sneaking into their pool, do not be rude, they are doing their job to kick you out. Some hotels like The Standard will allow you to use their facilities if you receive a spa service.