The real estate market has been improving throughout the United States. This means many homeowners are feeling motivated to sell their home. Some homeowners feel pressure to sell their home quickly for fear the market will change. The rush to sell a home causes many homeowners to make mistakes. If you are one of these people, take a deep breath and make sure you avoid making the mistakes listed below.

  1. Mis-Pricing Your Home – This happens more often than you think. You are in a rush so you either underprice the house hoping it will sell quickly or over-price to leave room for negotiation. The best way to avoid this is to learn the true market value of your home. A real estate professional will guide you through the process and keep your best interest in mind during negotiations.
  2. Mis-Timing the Sale – Your rush to sell your house can cost you thousands in taxes. To avoid this expensive decision, learn your tax break options. Seek the assistance of an accountant. Discuss your desire to sell your home and the time frame you prefer. Find out if it’s good timing when it comes to taxes. If not, discuss the right timing that would benefit you most. Do your best to stay within the time frame. Discussing this with your real estate professional will give you more of a chance to meeting your goal and time frame.
  3. Not Hiring a Professional – Some homeowners take the sale of their home into their own hands. A simple sign in the yard and good negotiating skills is great, but you need the help of a professional. Sellers that try it on their own often take longer to sell their home than those who use a real estate professional.

Another important mistake that homeowners make is not repairing damaged or broken things within the house. This doesn’t mean purchase new furniture or fix the chip in the vase. But, it does mean repair damages to the floor and walls, repair plumbing and electric issues plus replace any items that look old and rusty.

The common mistakes listed above cause homeowners to lose money quickly. Avoid making the mistakes above by being prepared, not rushing the process and doing your homework when it comes to market pricing. Remember, your best tool for a successful transaction and experience is a real estate professional. Don’t be shy, get started today by making an appointment.