Miami, or the Magic City, which is primarily known for its beautiful beaches (packed with beautiful people), their awesome night life scene and amazing Art Deco architecture is the perfect getaway for anyone who is looking to have a good time. Aside from these things, Miami is also recognized around the world for their amazing Cuban cuisine offerings, interesting culture, and even their wildlife- specifically with alligators!

Made even more popular by pop culture, Miami has been the center of many movies, songs, and games that have formed this generation which is exactly why Miami has always been one of the country’s biggest hot spots.

If you’re planning to take a quick trip there, here are 3 of the things you must check out while you are there:

  1. CasaCuba in South Miami

As mentioned earlier, Miami is famous for their Cuban cuisine so naturally, you’d want to check out one of the city’s best one – CasaCuba in South Miami is popular for their weekend nightlife, legendary coffee, and empanadas! It’s also a perfect spot to enjoy the afternoon chatting away and perhaps go people watching if that is something you’re into. While there, make sure to try their cafe con leche and pork or beef empanadas or why not smoke a cigar while you’re at it?

  1. The Nightclubs

Miami is synonymous to partying so make sure to scout the nightlife scene while you’re there.

Whatever scene you’re into, Miami has a special club for you so don’t be afraid to explore the city or better yet, why not try out something new?

  1. South Pointe Beach

What would a trip to Miami be like without a visit to the beach? South Pointe is Miami’s go to beach when it comes to relaxation and getting the best view of the city’s sunset. You can rent a bike to explore the beach first and then park it along drop off points while you take a quick dip, lounge on the sand while getting a tan or simply admire what the world has to offer. Don’t forget to keep your cameras ready with you at all times because you’re not going to want to miss the gorgeous view!

Erica Grace

Erica Rosello acquired her Bachelor’s degree in Business with a minor in English from FIU. Her Passion for Miami, the city she grew up in, has enabled her to capture and highlight all of the Beauty and Power “The Most Exciting City in the World” has to offer. For exclusive interviews and advertising opportunities, please contact