Many will say that there is no other place in the world with as many beach offerings as Miami does. Each beach in the area has something special and different to offer their guests depending on what particular activity you’re feeling up to for the day.

There’s a spot for everyone in Miami, some with long strips of sand for you to enjoy a nice stroll or jog surrounded by luxury condominium units and high-end resorts, hobbyist beaches where surfers go to catch a wave, urban beaches with various food and recreational offerings for those who’d like to add a little flavor to their down times and so much more.

We’ve listed 3 of the most popular beaches in Miami and their claims to fame to help you decide where to set up camp during your visit to the Magic City.

  1. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Bill Bagg’s Cape Florida State Park which can be found off the south end of Key Biscayne is not only Miami’s top 1 beach but is also a part of Dr. Beach’s Top Ten Beaches in America. Aside from it being a beach, it is also historical spot at the same time which is perfect for anyone who likes to inject learning with pleasure.

Bill Baggs State Park provides visitors with nice spots to go sun bathing, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, camping, bicycling, hiking and even an opportunity to learn at the same time. This state parks key feature is the Cape Florida lighthouse, the oldest standing structure in the county, and it can also be accessed for a guided tour inside.

  1. South Beach

South Beach is popularly known among tourists who want to flaunt off months of progress at the gym. This beach is also paved with jogging paths with scenic views of the city or the ocean and is a perfect route for those who want to scout possible night club spots as soon as the sun sets.

  1. Haulover Beach

Haulover beach is the perfect spot for naturalists who are sure to enjoy a clothing option environment as it is the only legal nude beach in the area. But whether you like to bare it all or cover it up, there are boundaries between the two sections to allow traditional beach goers to enjoy the sand and shore as well.

This spot is also a great place to catch some waves and go surfing which is why it’s the perfect place for some fun and adventure!

Erica Grace

EricaRosello acquired her Bachelor’s degree in Business with a minor in English from FIU. Her Passion for Miami, the city she grew up in, has enabled her to capture and highlight all of the Beauty and Power “The Most Exciting City in the World” has to offer. For exclusive interviews and advertising opportunities, please contact