WelcomeToMiami.com is the online answer to three main objectives:

(1) To serve as a gateway for brick and mortar communities to highlight the culture and business opportunities within their areas.

(2) To serve the members within these communities through the process of fostering and promoting products and services at a local level.

(3) To help consumers moving into these communities to get to know the who’s who of each community and to quickly get acclimated to the business community.

Acquired in 1998 by technology evangelist Wilson Alvarez, WelcomeToMiami.com is a one-stop, go-to site for everything related to Miami–from entertainment venues to educational institutions to business opportunities. This content-rich site registers up to 400,000 hits per month, serving both individuals and companies, both local and out-of-area.

Between 1998 and 2016, the site offered little in the way of information about Miami. Instead, it primarily focused on building its SEO and marketing potential, as Mr. Alvarez speculated in the domain-name business, amassing an impressive inventory of Miami-specific URLs.

By the turn of this century, the prefix “e” for “electronic” was everywhere through its use in such terms as e-commerce and e-mail, as well as such companies as eBay and eLance.

This concept was soon taken to the next level by Steve Jobs with his landmark, high-impact use of the “i” prefix in such iconic products as the iMac, iPod, iPhone and others. It is impossible to name a more successful series of product introductions and their resulting, worldwide popularity.

Adopting Jobs’ model, in turn, Mr. Alvarez created a separate website for each of the many local communities within Miami and branded the URLs with an “i” prefix, as in iKeyBiscayne.com, iCoralGables.com, and so forth. Thanks to this distinctive, memorable branding, consumers soon will learn that there is a single force behind each of them–one that they can trust to provide the accurate, comprehensive information they need.

Through WelcomeToMiami.com our enterprise has created a marketing engine that brands each community in such a way that brings consistency and continuity to the concept. Because of this, we have the brand to generate private official community sites throughout Miami.

WelcomeToMiami.com is the idea of Wilson Alvarez, whose personal goal is to build connections and the betterment of his community. Through WelcomeToMiami.com, Mr. Alvarez found the way to fuse both of his passions; technology and his love for meeting people.

To contact Mr. Alvarez, he can be reached at walvarez@welcometomiami.com or 305-386-6165.