In Aventura, there are many options for your child to receive quality education in a safe and nurturing environment. They invest extra time and money in ensuring your child will have small class sizes, latest technologies and specialty classes in art, music, media, foreign language and science. This community puts education as a top priority and therefore desires to see their children achieving their dreams and reaching their goals. Aventura desires to enhance each student’s potential for learning and to foster positive interpersonal relationships during their schooling years.

Aventura’s state-of-the-art Charter School opened in August 2003 and houses 984 students in grades K-8. Children receive the best of both worlds at Aventura City of Excellence because it offers the feel of a private school and the convenience of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Some of the enriched learning experience this school offers includes progressive curriculum, which adds depth to subject matter. Adjacent to the Community Recreation Center, this Charter School is given the opportunity to share space and resources, giving the children an even greater advantage. From experiences and enthusiastic faculty and staff, to technology integration in every classroom, you will be well pleased with your child’s experience and education at Aventura’s Charter School.

At Aventura Waterways K-8 Center, their driving force is to provide each of their students with the very best education coupled with broad and diverse experiences. They strongly believe that a solid foundation accompanied with project based, hands-on learning is essential in producing adaptable, globally prepared, articulate students who will be successful as they encounter future academic and social challenges. Mathematics, Science, and Technology programs utilize innovative strategies and technology to engage students in investigation and discovery. This hands-on approach captures natural curiosity and stimulates interest, thereby building better understanding and quality performance. The staff and faculty at Waterways K-8 Center hope to instill in each student the drive and passion to search for new academic opportunities that will optimize their educational experiences during their school years.

The Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science has been giving children a competitive edge, for the last 20 years, by teaching them how to think critically, by using logic and reasoning. Many of IMACS’ students are studying college-level mathematics and computer science by middle school because each class is so interactive and they learn how to apply logical reasoning skills much earlier than their peers. Students develop a love for solving problems as they learn how to apply reasoning skills to all aspects of their studies.