Aventura offers a range of churches and synagogues to meet the faith-based needs of its residents and visitors. Forty percent of the people in Aventura are affiliates with a religion and attend a service in their area. There are 1,668 listings of churches and other places of worship in the Miami area, for your convenience.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church is one of the places of Worship serving the North Miami and Aventura community. In addition to Sunday morning bible study and mass, they offer child care during services and are available for prayer and confession every day. Holy Cross Lutheran Church has been an integral part of the neighborhood since 1951, sharing the love of Christ to the city of North Miami since its inception. They are a Christian church who believe in the Triune God: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. With a multi-cultural congregation, Holy Cross is reflective of the neighboring community. Their worship service provides a wide range of worship music, appealing to all tastes and preferences.

Chabad of Golden Beach has been running and serving North Miami Beach for 15 years now. The Head Rabbi, Rabbi Amar, was born in Kfar Saba, Israel. He holds a degree in philosophy and languages from Aix-les-Bains a University in France. Chabad offers a variety of services and classes to fit each and every one of its members. From exploring Jewish Mysticism and women’s Torah classes, to Bar and Bat Mitzvah classes and Singles Night, Chabad has a program or group for every lifestyle.

Beit David Highland Lakes Shul is always open for the community. Their doors are always open to greet new people. Their minds and hearts are always open to learn, experience and celebrate. This synagogue is firmly anchored in the Jewish tradition; they are also boldly innovative. This spiritual family and community is vibrant and growing, they have members from all backgrounds, walks of life and nationalities. Other focuses of this temple of worship are to prayer, education, meditation, family and festival celebrations, chessed, tikkun-olam, and health. They are a place to experience various life events, counseling, a home for joy, and a home for tears and healing. Most call Beit David spiritually refreshing, mentally stimulating and emotionally inspiring for you and your entire family.