When looking for a plastic surgeon, it is important that you know their credentials and that you trust the hands you are in. In Miami, there are many choices for your surgical needs. Whether looking for reconstructive, cosmetic or non-invasive procedures, Aventura has the perfect practice to make all your dreams come true. The latest cutting edge technologies and techniques will ensure a smooth and effortless surgery and a relaxing, speedily recovery. Both are made possible by dedicated and experienced surgeons who are committed to taking the best care for you.

Elite Plastic Surgery, the practice of Moises Salama, M.D., aims to provide the highest level of quality and expertise in surgical and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Dr. Salama has extensive experience in all areas of plastic surgery and is regarded as a highly skilled surgeon. The doctors at Elite Plastic Surgery are board certified plastic surgeons and offer their 45 years of combined experience to pursue excellence within the Miami plastic surgery community. Their services are well rounded by offering both traditional plastic surgery procedures and modern non-surgical cosmetic services. Dr. Salama also specializes in post-cancer reconstructive techniques, trauma, burns and infection. The beautiful facility is located in the Aventura Heart Building which is conveniently located on the Aventura Medical Campus. The Elite, state-of-the-art facility they call home accommodates both Elite Spa patients as well as cosmetic surgery patients. At Elite Plastic Surgery, they truly take pride in protecting the patient’s vision, safety and state of well being from the time they walk through the front door and well after a successful recovery.

Adam J. Rubinstein, MD, FACS, is Miami and Aventura’s Plastic Surgeon. His practice uses state-of-the-art technologies and techniques and also introduces the Holistic Approach to the industry of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Rubinstein is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has trained with the most eminent surgeons at the forefront of developing new techniques for this industry. Your treatment is tailored for you; a wide variety of services and products are designed for each patient on an individual basis. Beginning with a skin analysis, a skin care regimen is designed to maximize the quality of each patient’s skin before surgery. Each system is custom designed based the patient’s skin type and areas of improvement needed. Aesthetician services such as microdermabraision and facials are incorporated as needed to accelerate this process. All patients are referred to a nutritionist for a complimentary consultation to learn to make better choices in diet. This ensures a longer lasting result and improves the patients’ well-being. Dr. Rubinstein is dedicated to the industry and the greater Miami community, by being newly appointed to the teaching faculty of the Florida International University (FIU) College of Medicine Department of Surgery and has served in local Miami hospitals as well.