Max Borges Agency was founded in 2002 and is the top Public Relations firm in North America with 100% focus on technology and consumer electronics. They represent over 80 of the most innovative brands within the technology space and have launched many brands and campaigns with measurable and true results. The agency has experience to generate impactful messages and coverage that speak to your public from health, fitness, outdoor tech, B2B software solution to Mac and Apple accessories. They focus only on those activities that generate verifiable results by their truly unique methodology and business model that breaks the traditional tech public relations mold. Their full menu of high tech public relations and social media services ensure that their clients’ marketing communication needs are satisfied and across every channel message are visible. Producing on a regular basis an ROI that sells, they pride themselves to create over the top messaging and delivering the highly effective consumer and trade coverage. Their strategies will help you stand out from your competition on a consistent basis. Call 305-374-4404 for more information to advance your company.

MEC Miami has 5,000 people across 81 countries and is one of the world’s leading media agency networks. They have been the most competitive global media agency performer over the past four years on a consistent basis. Their core skills in media planning and buying keep them continually looking ahead and evolving to actively engage their clients’ consumers. They want to be their clients’ most valuable business partner, famous for inspiring people and exceptional results. They have a global solutions  team that manage local, regional and global media communications. For their clients across all entertainment and content platforms they identify creative opportunities. Their digital specialists are focused on search, strategy, insight, content and acquiring customers. They also are a specialized US Hispanic service with a culturally relevant and informative point of view.