Surely we should always mind our health decisions and take care of our bodies, as we are only granted one in this lifetime. The body is our most important instrument and the way we take care of ourselves determines what kind of music we’ll play in this orchestra called life! Beginning with our teeth, which require much care and attention to preserve and are vital to our overall health and most importantly, our heart. Today we have access to all types of dental treatments, and are able to change health and our smile in no time! Relax and Smile dental care for instance is an establishment that offers a plethora of services, ranging from cleanings, prevention and cosmetic dentistry to periodontal disease and restorations. They also offer services that are very high in demand at the moment, such as Invisalign, Lumineers, teeth whitening, mercury removal and same day veneers. Another treatment method exercised at Relax and Smile dental care, is Hypnosis dentistry. Hypnosis is defined as a state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention. Ultimately, when our minds are concentrated and focused, we are capable of using our minds far more powerfully. The reason hypnosis is used, is because it allows the patient’s intentions for change to take effect. The uses of Hypnosis in Dentistry include relaxation, anxiety control, TMJ dysfunction, saliva control, amnesia, and much more.  Brickell specifically is predominantly office and commercial space and many different types of medical offices can be found throughout this area.  Miami Aesthetic Surgery offers many plastic surgery procedures and rejuvenation treatments.  Brickell Pediatrics is a well-known and established office accepting new patients. There are many medical offices in Brickell CitiCenter and a number of chiropractors and therapists within the Brickell area.  Azul Wellness center focuses on treating the body naturally through a combination of massage, chiropractic, nutrition and rehabilitative exercises. A perk to picking Azul Wellness center is that you can call them and schedule a complimentary consultation! So squeeze an appointment in during your lunch break, it’s worth it!  For all your medical needs and a full directory, click here.