Whether you have small envelopes, furniture, cars, trucks, bikes, animals, perishables, trees, or even your entire house to transport, you can count on several shipping businesses located in Brickell to meet each and everyone of those needs.  Because Brickell is located in the financial capital of South Florida, it makes for an easy place to find the right company to take care of every possible shipping need.  From Brickell Mail and UPS to Andrews Auto Transport, you will find it in Brickell.  An easy choice for all your moving and shipping supplies is FedEx Office and Shipping Center as they are always fully equipped.  Established in 1971, FedEx Office and Shipping Center has all the supplies you could ever need with a helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff without you having to pay astronomical prices.  If you are planning to ship your car by ground you can always call U-Haul, located just a few blocks from Brickell and with flexible hours.  Storage access is also available.  When you need to ship your vehicle overseas, have no worries Brickell’s Auto Portation is the perfect company to do this for you.  They specialize in delivering vehicles nationwide.  Established in 2011 and working with numerous reliable carriers, they are more than happy to deliver your vehicle.  Auto Portation is not your average mom and pops store, they are registered with the federal motor carrier safety administration.  They are also accredited with the silver level D & B and Better Business Bureau credibility ranking.  Auto Portation will educate you with the safest way to ship your vehicle.  Owner Evan L takes pride in offering impeccable services.  They have a 24 hour, 7 days a week customer service support department.  Evan has over 10 years of business and sales experience in different types of industries that have given him the expertise to run a successful business.  If you want to ship your furniture in a safe and friendly manner without putting a dent on your budget, Transit Systems has been providing moving and shipping services since 1989.  With over 20 years of experience, they have a reliable staff that will walk you through every step.  Transit Systems is recognized as one of the 5000 fastest growing companies in the nation.  They provide their own agents and work with many prestigious and national couriers such as Bekins and North American Van Lines, YRC “Yellow ad Roadway” and “R and L”.  For a full directory, click here.