So which of you lovely ladies wakes up perfect in the morning? That’s right, we all need a little pick me up.  When needing a refresher, you may want to book your appointments with Brickell Cosmetic Center.  Whether you’re looking for a quick facial or the works, this family owned cosmetic business is here to serve as your one stop shop!  Established in 2009 this center offers facials, cellulite treatments, hair stylists, manicures, pedicures, waxing and a whole lot more. While reasonable prices are a huge plus, their friendly and accommodating staff makes for an even better experience.  Do however make a note that parking is limited, and there are only about five spots behind the building.  You can book your appointments Monday through Friday nine in the morning until six in the evening and Saturdays between nine in the morning and four in the afternoon.  Do you ever just need a day to refresh and pamper yourself?  The answer to that question is always yes!!!  If you’re looking to get your cardio fix, a massage, or just get yourself back into nutritional balance, we know just the place.  Located at the stunning Epic Hotel, Exhale Mind Body and Spa is known for offering superb treatments and they have a reputation as being one of the best spas in Miami.  The facility sits smack in the middle of a beautiful, culturally diverse and stylish community.  One can expect excellent customer service faceted within any of the services offered.  This includes massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, workshops & retreats, acupuncture, and nutritional consults.  In addition, Exhale Mind Body Spa offers a number of exercise classes including core fusion cardio classes, core fusion yoga and core fusion sport classes.  Be sure to look out for spa month, in which you can find deals as great as a facial and five fusion classes for ninety-nine dollars! Exhale Mind Body Spa is open Monday through Saturday from eight thirty in the morning until nine in the evening.  Sundays the spa is open from eight thirty in the morning until eight in the evening.  You may not need a haircut, highlights, or the salon works however you may need that perfect blow dry or styling that you can only get at salons so for a professional wash and blow dry, Blo Brickell is the place to go.  No coloring or cutting here!  It all began in 2007, when people started asking why they couldn’t simply go somewhere that gave you that runway ready hair, at a realistic price. Since then, men and women have been booking their appointments with Blo Brickell for all sorts of special occasions.  At a very affordable price, you can get that perfect salon blow dry finish.  Conveniently Blo Brickell is open seven days a week.  While we recommend you book your appointments in advance, Blo Brickell does accept walk INS upon availability.  Blo Brickell is open Monday through Wednesday from seven in the morning until seven in the evening, Thursday through Saturday from seven in the morning until nine in the evening and Sundays between eleven in the morning and five in the afternoon.   For a full directory, click here.