The local and international news report pedestrians getting hit by car on a daily basis. The shock that this horrific type of accident has become an epidemic is frightening. Pedestrians are generally hit by cars while walking on the sidewalk or crossing the street. Bicyclist are also common victims of this type of accident.

The constant reporting of getting hit by a car has caused many people to become numb to the issue. It is essential for everyone to know that any injuries sustained during this type of accident can lead to a personal injury lawsuit. Drivers are generally at fault for hitting pedestrians. The drivers that stop and take responsibility for their actions are more likely to have a lawsuit brought against them. This is because there is contact information available.

Drivers that hit the pedestrian and run can’t be notified and therefore it is highly difficult to have a personal injury lawsuit brought against them. Personal injuries from being hit by a car ranges between minor injuries and death. There are a variety of injuries and health issues that can change the life of the victim forever.

If you or someone you know has been hit by a car, it is essential to contact an attorney. You will need to provide the police report, pictures, videos and any other evidence related to the accident. The attorney will review your information and determine whether it can be pursued as a personal injury lawsuit.

There are a variety of scenarios that lead to a pedestrian getting hit by a car. It can be anyone walking on a sidewalk, street or through a parking lot. It can also be anyone riding a bicycle or sitting outside an outdoor café or restaurant. Sometimes a vehicle drives right through the entrance of a building or store causing injury to dozens of people.

Getting hit by a car is a serious matter. It is always recommended to have emergency medical help at the scene of the accident. Even if your wounds are minor cuts and scrapes, you never know what could be happening internally. Always seek medical attention immediately.

Since there are so many variations scenarios it is best to contact an attorney with your information. Sometimes you might think you don’t have a case against the driver, when you do. The only person that can determine if you have a case or not is an attorney. Don’t hesitate! Take action today by contacting an attorney for further assistance.