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Category: Fashion

Miami Fashion

The enchanting country of Monaco is filled with beauty specifically expressed in their fashion and accessories. The timeless style of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco is still seen in the many designs available today. If you are...

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Old Bathing Suites

I recently decided it was time to clean house of some old bathing suits. It’s shocking how many swimsuits we accumulate over the years! Some of mine either no longer fit me, or just weren’t in style anymore. So that...

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The Art of The Crop Top

Hey Fashionistas! Have you ever come across a super cute top while shopping, and the moment you pick it up you realize it is a crop top. What feelings come to mind? Are they thoughts of happiness or disappointment? For a lot of...

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Back To School Fashion

Hey Fashionistas! It’s that time of the year already; back to school season! Let’s be frank, it’s not necessarily everyone’s favorite season.  Playtime is over, and it’s time to hit the books. But, have no fear fashionistas,...

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How To Say No While Shopping

Hey Fashionistas! Yes, you read that title correctly. Today we’re tackling the one word fashionistas don’t like to hear when shopping.. “NO!” Before your defensive, shopaholic side kicks in, (we all have one) take a...

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