In the Love & Hip Hop: Miami episode “I’m Done,” Shay Johnson says she wants to settle things with Chinese Kitty aka Taylor “Kitty” Hing, and her mother Chinese Nicky aka Nikol “Nicky” Hing. Last time Shay saw them was at Princess’s fashion show, where Shay was attacked from behind, pulled by the hair. (That was Nicky who did that.) When they meet at an empty parking lot at night with security nearby, Shay explains why she brought her old friend Dawn. It’s because Dawn will likely “need to hold me down.” That’s said, when Nicky and Kitty show up, Shay seems calm at first. So does Nicky who says “there’s was a bit of a misunderstanding.” But when Kitty mentions Shay’s friend “who was trying to jump my friend,” Shay loses her cool.

Nicky runs the gentleman’s club V-Live in South Beach and manages her 22-year-old daughter model/singer Kitty who has 1.9 million followers on Instagram (see why below). Kitty has also been featured in music videos (Ludacris, T.I. Young Dolph, etc.). Mama Nicky, a Brooklyn native, was born to a Chinese father and Afro-Portuguese mother in Guyana. Love & Hip Hop: Miami airs Mondays at 9pm on VH1.