You’ve probably dreamed of living the millionaire life at one time or another. You likely get curious about what the rich do differently and how they live compared to the rest of us regular folks. Or maybe you’re lucky enough to be one of the millionaires. This is possible, given the number of ultra high net worth individuals around the globe has increased.

In 2016, the world’s ultra high net worth population — described as those who have a net worth of $30 million or more — grew by 3.5% to 226,450 people, according to a report by research institute Wealth-X. When taking a look at the global millionaire population, the United States comes out on top. The ultra high net worth population in the U.S. in 2016 was 73,110, with its combined wealth totaling more than $8 billion.

Have you ever wondered how the other half lives? The Wealth-X report gives a glimpse into where the world’s richest people reside. Here are 15 U.S. cities with the most mega-millionaires. Is your city on the list?