Business consulting firms are a reliable source of advice and guidance. Coconut Grove has an amazing consulting firm that has extensive experience in the industry and they are prepared to help your business reach its goals and exceed expectations.

S.F.T.G Associates is an independent business management consulting firm that serves Coconut Grove companies and nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Their goal is to maximize existing assets, develop and implement business plans, key strategies, best practices, programs and board and executive leadership. S.F.T.G Associates mission is to ensure their clients can effectively execute on their corporate and organizational visions. Their core goal is to create tangible and sustainable value by making maximum use of existing assets and providing an effective plan for the future of your organization.

Business consulting core services include business analysis and assessment, business planning, interim management and coaching, plus go-to-market strategies. Nonprofit consulting services offered by S.F.T.G Associates include leadership development in nonprofit boards, community engagement, fund development, partnerships and alliances, board governance and strategic planning.

Their development expertise is in board governance, partnerships and alliances, organizational development, fund development, community engagement, program development and leadership development.

This trustworthy and reliable business consulting firm offers a proven methodology that focuses on people, culture, processes and existing assets. They identify issues and opportunities that will help your company succeed by providing recommendations and processes that will bring your company to the next level and grow further into future success.

S.F.T.G Associates strive to leave a clients business or organization stronger than ever before. The firm truly acts as a valuable leadership coach, team member, program facilitator, creative subject-matter expert, plus shares their knowledge and experience in the industry to help businesses and organizations learn their capabilities, set goals and exceed expectations within their own industry or area of specialty.