Buying a car is a unique process that many future car owners take seriously. Your car uniquely reflects your personality; from the color to the make and model, the choice is yours. Coconut Grove has a variety of car dealerships for new and used cars. Visit them today and to find your dream car.

Have you ever wished that you could test drive a car for a few days, just to see if it fits your lifestyle? Well, your wish has come true. Hertz Rent 2 Buy Used Cars allows you to do just that. You basically rent the car for one to three days to see if it’s truly what you want. This allows you to see if your family fits in the car comfortably, even testing your children’s car seats or items such as bicycles, surf boards, luggage, athletic equipment and whatever else your lifestyle requires. The process is easy and stress free. There are no used car sales men to deal with or negotiations to haggle. The prices affordable and are usually below their Kelly Blue Book value. They even accept trade-ins and offer fair, responsible payment plans. For more details visit Hertz Rent 2 Buy Used Cars at 2951 South Bayshore Drive.

Are you looking for a brand new car? Many Coconut Grove residents visit Dadeland Dodge to test drive and purchase new cars. This trustworthy, reliable car dealership has been serving Coconut Grove residents for many years. They focus on building positive business-to-customer relationships and help guide you to finding the perfect car for your budget and lifestyle. Browse and test drive as many Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram cars and trucks you need to, until you find the perfect one that best suits your needs. Dadeland Dodge is located at 16501 South Dixie Highway.