Residents, tourists and visitors to Coconut Grove have a variety of places to visit for religious worship. There are many religious congregations located throughout the community. They all provide a sense of community and belonging. Visit each one until you find the one that best suits you and your family.

St. Kiran Catholic Church is located at 3605 South Miami Avenue. English and Spanish masses are conducted on a daily basis including weekends. Learn more about the congregation and all of the spiritual opportunities they offer. Offices and ministries include the Archbishop’s office, Auxiliary Bishop’s office, Chancellors’ office, charities, clergy, communications office, cultural groups, donations, education, health services, ministries, retreat houses and much more.

Feel free to fellowship with Coconut Grove Seventh-day Adventist Church. Join in on fellowship, bible study and prayer by visiting the church at 3288 Charles Ave. You also have the opportunity to become part of the many ministries that are established within the church. Ministries include Adult Sabbath School, children’s ministries, community outreach and support services, family ministries, health ministries, men’s ministries, personal ministry, single adult ministries and youth ministries.

Attend holiday and ongoing services at Chabad of the Grove. They welcome everyone to participate, learn, pray and have fun. Feel free to attend Shabbos services, Sunday minyan and weekday minyan. Special programs and events include Purim con, Purim carnival, wisdom Wednesday and a new program called “the exchange”. The exchange is a new business networking organization focused on connecting the young with the seasoned, the startups with the investors and those who want to learn with those who have already learned. This beneficial program is something every future business person should attend at least once. Chabad of the Grove is located at 3713 Main Highway in Coconut Grove. Visit them today to begin participating in their many spiritual and life improving programs.