Miami is an international destination that people desire to visit, vacation, explore the nightlife, create businesses and indulge by living the exotic lifestyle of tropical beaches in combination with having access to big city. Each community within Miami offers something a little different. Whether you are looking for ocean front living or small town charm, the communities within Miami will meet all of your expectations.

Aventura is one of the most prestigious communities located in the north, having prominent oceanfront properties and convenient access to boat marinas and beaches. Aventura allows its residents to indulge in a luxurious lifestyle. It’s next door neighbor, Sunny Isles, is a beautiful community with ocean front property that will even impress the elite. Easy access to the beach, restaurants and fun attracts many to this beautiful community.

Brickell, is known as the finance district and is located within the downtown area. Brickell’s convenient location provides access to transportation like the metro rail and metro bus system, and is filled with fabulous restaurants and a spectacular night scene.

Coconut Grove is one of the only places in Miami that you can find the good-old Florida boys drinking a beer after being on a boat all day. The Grove is definitely more of a bohemian crowd but never-the-less, the foliaged area is a great place to raise a family and live the boater’s lifestyle.

The home of the University of Miami, Coral Gables, is a flourishing section of Miami. The downtown Coral Gables area allows for strolling from café to boutique while still being located next to major companies like Fresh Del Monte Produce and the Bacardi Headquarters. The style of Coral Gables is Mediterranean Revival and because of their strict Code Enforcement Division, the city is visually always above par. The area is filled with exquisite shopping experiences, amazing restaurants and incredible night life.

South Miami is where you find “old Miami” families, people who have been here for generations. It is not the area where people come and go and because of that, you can expect the no nonsense type of attitude from its residents. It is a great area to raise a family with oversized lots and an outstanding school system. Downtown South Miami is beginning to gather superb restaurants and splendid boutiques.

With a population around 12,500 and the fact that it is literally detached from the rest of Miami, Key Biscayne gives off a feel of “island life” with its strong community and desire to not leave the Key. Indulge in this tropical lifestyle while still having access to drive into the big city for work, play and nightlife.

South Beach is where you can find people of all walks of life, many Europeans on their scooters, tourists, the working waiter and the millionaire, as it seems to be what many people consider the obvious choice when moving to Miami. In places like Surfside you can get more of the comfy beach town type of feel. When people hear Bal Harbour, their first thought is always to experience the excellent shopping options. But remember, the beach is also close by and is perfect for a family day at the beach.

The Wynwood Area is the art district and known for its street art as well as FREE street parking. Just north of Wynwood you have Midtown, which is definitely the up and coming area of Miami with chic restaurants and nightclubs pouring in. Then you have the Design District, that is under way in becoming the shopping area of Miami in addition to its current ability to complete any home from flooring to kitchens.

Downtown Miami has completely changed in the past 4 or 5 years. In the past after 5PM you would not see people walking the streets, all stores and the few restaurants were all closed until the next business day. Today, downtown is blossoming with trendy restaurants and night life.

Doral is thought of as an international community, majority being South Americans and more specifically, Venezuelans.  Doral just voted for the first Venezuelan Mayor in the history of the United States and because of its close proximity to the airport, it seems to be the hub of international freight and forward. It has also been called the “Silicon Valley of South Florida”.

Kendall is the ultra-suburban outpost where you can be safe and find affordable properties which makes it a popular location for young families. Where Miami is full of Spanish speaking residents, in Kendall you will find more first generation residents.

Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest are affluent areas, full of families. As they are not too far from Coral Gables and South Miami, many people choose to live there to have the feeling of being outside the city but still close enough to commute. Both communities are filled with delicious restaurants and sports bars, parks, and family fun.

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