The City of Coral Gables offers a range of churches to meet the faith-based needs of its residents and visitors. Thirty-five percent of the people in Coral Gabes are affiliated with a religion and attend a weekly service in their area. There are 1,668 listings of churches and other places of worship in the The Greater Miami vicinity, for your convenience. With a multi-cultural community, the places of worship are reflective of the neighboring communities and their worship services vary, providing a wide-range of worship music, appealing to all tastes and preferences.

Christ Fellowship Coral Gables is a church that desire to connect to God, connect with others and influence the world. They are devoted to making this city a better place to live and to worship. They have various outreach ministries that feed the homeless and the needy in their own community, they stand for what they believe in and they show their love for Miami in many impacting ways.

To follow the Light of Jesus and shine Christ’s light for others is the mission of those at First United Methodist Church of Coral Gables. They want to connect with the surrounding neighborhoods and provide children programs and activities to lighten the load on working families. From Parents’ Night Out to Women’s Small Groups, they have wonderful opportunities for the family, their Music Ministries and The Growing Place School are also ministry tools to meet the needs of the surrounding areas.

Granada Presbyterian Church is a Christian fellowship located in Coral Gables, deep in suburban Miami. They are committed to bringing the community of Christ to the neighborhoods of Miami and to develop strong leaders and put it into practice. From the beauty of the sanctuary, to the popular modern worship service, Granada Presbyterian emulates the spiritual atmosphere one is looking for.

Coral Gables Congregational United Church of Christ invites you to get connected and find a like-minded spiritual community who is committed to loving everyone genuinely and celebrating God’s love. Amid the lush foliage of their meditation gardens, they have an intimate setting where quiet prayer, a challenging message and music is their 9am Sunday worship service, while at 11am they are inside the sanctuary with an outstanding choir and fellowship after the service. So no matter where you are on your journey to faith, you can find a place at Coral Gables Congregational Church.