With the increasing demand for healthier living, people are finding the time and energy to maintain healthy living through fitness programs near their homes. Coral Gables has gotten the memo and is definitely keeping up with the trend. The City of Coral Gables offers plenty of opportunities to get in shape with a variety of exercise programs available to interested customers.Whether you prefer to enjoy a light jog down Granada Blvd., or a rigorous workout at Equinox Fitness, Coral Gables is the place for visitors and residents alike who desire a healthy lifestyle.

IM=X Pilates Studio uses an elite fitness formula that fuzes together the muscle toning and lengthening benefits of Pilates with strength and cardio training to increase endurance and muscle tone while strengthening your core. They have sessions available at various times to accommodate your busy schedule and provide private training programs if you would prefer a customized workout based on your goals and  needs.

Another local fitness studio that is dedicated to changing your body and your life is RedZone Fitness. They have been in the Coral Gables area for over 10 years and they guarantee body transformations through their effective, results based fitness programs. They provide a different workout every session, using free weights, rowers, kettle bells, fitness equipment and more. Their goal is to go beyond the impersonal and intimidating gyms by encouraging you every step of the way, the alternative to the big trendy gym. They give you an invigorating work out, real results and nutritional support.

Coral Gables has everything under the sun to meet the fitness needs of this community. It is there that you will find L.A. Fitness Club, which offer an extensive choice of exercise. With their multifaceted facilities, you will be able to enjoy fun and effective workouts. They provide personal training, top of the line equipment, racquetball courts, basketball courts, a pool, and group fitness. For relaxation, you might want to enjoy their spa or sauna and then have a healthy smoothie from their juice bar.

Equinox is founded on this simple statement, It’s Not Fitness, It’s Life. For the last 20 years, Equinox has created an unparalleled experience that engages members in fitness and overall wellbeing; their team truly motivates members to achieve results. From all of their trainers completing and graduating from their Equinox Training Institute, to having over 30 signature programs, this fitness club is the leader in innovation. They are known for their impeccable attention to detail; therefore, not a single aspect of the member experience is overlooked.

In a city where sexy bodies roam the beaches and city streets, beauty is found all around and fitness is the signature emphasis; it is important to not only achieve but maintain results. By incorporating healthy, sustainable habits into your busy schedule that work for your current lifestyle—you can do it.