Daily Activities at an Adult Day Care Center

You have probably seen adult day care facilities opening up throughout your community over the past few years. This wonderful alternative to a long-term nursing home is increasingly becoming top choice for most family members with elderly relatives. In the past, many family members felt forced to enter their loved one in a facility once their health declined beyond a specific degree. Now, family members have the option to allow their loved one to live at home with them. In case you are wondering what goes on in an adult day care center, the following details provides insight into the daily activities.

Daily Schedule

First you should know that adult day care centers have a daily schedule that is followed for the benefit of the patients and staff. It often included breakfast, lunch, snacks, entertainment and a rest period.


  • Daily Tasks – Some seniors are still capable of performing a variety of daily tasks such as grocery shopping and gardening. Some adult day care centers provide areas for gardening as well as field trips to the local grocery store.
  • Exercise – Yoga, Tai Chi and other low impact exercises classes are offered at some centers.
  • Games – Board games, charades, puzzles and other types of games.
  • Music – Music and singing events. Sometimes musicians visit the facility to provide live entertainment.
  • Movies – Movies are often played in the facility. However, some centers offer a field trip to the movie theater on occasion.
  • Educational Activities – Classes are often provided to help patients learn a new skill such as sending emails, opening an account on social media, sewing, how to grow an indoor garden and more.
  • Book Clubs – If there are enough avid readers in the group, a book club is formed. This activity encourages the participant to read at home throughout the month and discuss their view of the story with the group at the day care.
  • Cooking Classes – Depending on the capabilities of the participant, cooking classes are sometimes offered. Participants learn to cook a new recipe and enjoy completing the task under supervision for safety reasons. This is an excellent activity for those who enjoyed cooking in the past, but no longer cook at home.

If you are considering an adult day care center for your loved one you are encouraged to visit the facility. Your visit will allow you to see how the program works, ask questions and feel more comfortable about making your decision. The fact that your loved one gets to socialize with others and enjoy activities is motivation to get them started as soon as possible.