How to Discuss Adult Day Care Options with Your Loved One

Aging loved ones are often sensitive to the fact that they are no longer as independent as in the past. Sometimes loved ones are in denial of their abilities in fear they will give up their freedom and independence. It’s why families across the country are having difficulty bringing up a discussion that will hurt the feelings of their loved one. If you are in this type of situation, the following tips will help guide you through the process of convincing your loved one to attend adult day care.

  • Don’t Call it Day Care – Most day care facilities have the name “Adult Day Care” in a big sign on their building. While this for advertising purposes, you don’t need to tell your loved one they are attending a day care facility. You can refer to the program as a class, group of friends, social group, or club.
  • Discuss the Benefits – Your loved one gets to leave the house, visit friends, play games, go on field trips, watch movies, listen to music and more! Some day cares offer yoga and computer classes.
  • Open their World – As people age they often spend time attending the funerals of their dearest friends. As each person passes on, your family member becomes more lonely. Attending an adult day care program allows them to meet new people, socialize and make new friends. It gives them the opportunity to open their world to new possibilities and friendships.
  • Visit the Facility – Some loved ones might be stubborn or resistant to attending the adult day care. Tell your loved one that it can’t hurt to just take a peek at the facility. Then schedule an appointment to tour the facility with your loved one to encourage them to feel more comfortable with the idea.
  • Bring in a Professional – Let’s face it, some loved ones are more stubborn than others. You might have to visit your loved one’s primary physician and have the discussion of how the adult day care option can benefit your loved one. Sometimes people need to hear the suggestion from a professional instead of a family member.

Always approach the discussion with your loved one in a calm manner. Never raise your voice during the conversation and avoid escalating it into an argument. Instead, focus on the benefits your loved will receive by participating in the program. Get them excited about the opportunity. Eventually, most loved ones will like the idea and will enjoy the time away from home doing something fun, entertaining and productive. Take action by making an appointment to visit the facility today!