Are you considering the Americas as your debut market? Seeking the right partner? Maybe you are looking for the right brand positioning to fight fierce competition. Whatever it may be, a business consulting firm can provide your business with professional advice, serve in interim management roles and financial services to improve your company’s standings. There are many different types of consulting firms serving the Miami Dade county, including the Doral area; each are industry specific and the usually focus on different sectors, including Financial, Management, Human Resources and Legal.

IT Consulting does much more than sell technology, they combine small business consulting expertise with IT, to develop the perfect technology solutions for your company. Why should you be the one to make sense of all your technological options anyway? They have been doing this for many years, and therefore provide a unique mix and they offer solutions based on best practices and strategies that have been proven. You are in the right hands with IT Consulting, they take their job and your business’ technological needs personal and will guide you in the right direction.

The Thurston Group is a consulting firm that leads the industry in professional and technical services. They create and reform human services programs in the community and specialize in community based research in order to guide your organization in the right way; then they apply the same research to make crucial decisions and observe your desired outcomes coming to pass. Whether your organization is planning new programs and services for the elderly, implementing health and nutrition education or determining funding and service priorities, The Thurston Group is ready to apply its hard earned research to further your efforts. They have their priorities in the right place—in you and the Miami community—in order to have organizations succeed and everyone benefit.

The world’s number 1 business coaching firm is all over the South Florida area, ready to assist you and your business accomplish their goals. Whether you are a brand new small business or a large company needing a new niche, Action Coach will effectively change your company’s course. They will meet quarterly with decision makers and guide them towards increase in ROI and overall profit. Their team is truly committed to you, they are positive people who are trying each day to be balanced, involved in the community and honest people. You will not be disappointed with the friendly and direct service they provide, the advise and guidance they suggest and the results you will receive.