There are many non-profit organizations serving the Miami and North Miami and Doral region. These are great avenues that represent causes such as children’s advocacy, the elderly’s care, the local business community, animal protection, and Miami’s less fortunate. They are the voice for the voiceless and the very soul of Miami.

The business community in Doral desired a leading advocate for their development in the North Miami and Doral areas. So they formed the non-profit Doral Business Council who has now become a central hub for strategic alliances and relationships to form with the community leaders and multiple local industry leaders. As a member, you can attend key events during the year, including workshops and seminars to enhance your business and your businesses professional network. From Integrity and Professionalism, to Teamwork and Commitment, the Doral Business Council would love to provide your business with marketing opportunities.

Did you know that there is an organization that serves the estimated 375,000 Floridians who suffer from epilepsy and most of them go unnoticed? The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida was established in 1971 in order to provide epilepsy programs and services—and since then, they have served as the lead advocate for the rights and needs of those who suffer from this disease. From Medical Services and individual and family counseling, to support groups and children’s camps, Epilepsy Foundation of Florida leads the fight to stop the seizures, find a cure and overcome the daily challenges created by epilepsy.

Another not-for-profit community advocate serving the Doral area is Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami. They are the premier organization for mentoring programs and one-on-one relationships in South Florida. With supporting and caring adult volunteers and support from their professional staff, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami helps thousands of high-risk and neglected children each year. Their dedication has proven that with mentoring they are able to overcome the challenges they face and that these little brothers and little sisters are less likely to skip school and less likely to begin using illegal drugs. Instead of falling behind, these children are more confident in their schoolwork performance and form better relationships with their families. At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami, they are making Miami a safer and better place for all—one child at a time.

Food Bag Ministries is a Christian emergency food organization who are helping to alleviate South Florida from going hungry. They distribute free grocery items to needy families once a month. They started with 12 families and only 100 pounds of food to give, now they distribute from 3 to 5 thousand pounds of food, over 60 families receive the food—several hundred individuals are fed. Opening in 2008, the founders can’t believe they have grown to be such a great tool to help feed the community of Doral and Greater Miami.