With a mix of cultures found in Doral, it is not surprising to find a delicious convergence of exquisite foods awaiting the visitor of any restaurant in the city of Doral. Hidden at times between office buildings and warehouse areas and in shopping centers, an array of Eastern, European and Latin American flavors can be found in emerging and established restaurants throughout Doral.

Among the variety of restaurants in Doral is Kamiko Sushi Bar, which serves a distinct assortment of sushi. The restaurant attests to fuse Japanese cuisine with a Latin touch and tropical influences. At Kamiko, its menu is comprised of exquisite servings of ceviche, tiraditos, and specialty soups.

Next is Los Parrilleros, serving superb Argentinean-Italian food. Besides their mouth-watering grilled meats, you may also want to try their grilled chicken, lamb chops, and Chilean sea bass.  Another fine Argentinean restaurant is Olivo’s Restaurant. At Olivo’s, you may chose among delectable dishes that range from seared salmon filet with butternut squash mash to Argentine grilled meats. Besides these, their spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce and saffron risotto may entice you to visit. And if you still can’t get enough of Argentinian food, then there is Patagonia Restaurant. Patagonia is known for its delicious empanadas, all shaped differently to identify the filling. It also has a wonderful bakery and meat selection.

For culinary excellence in Spanish-inspired dishes visit La Taberna de San Roman.  Their classical dishes include Milanese Steak, Filet Mignon, and, of course, an array of tapas. If it’s Cuban food you seek, then Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine will entice your taste buds. This family-owned restaurant has grown to include 13 locations. Through the years, it has been sought after for its genuine Cuban experience as well as the friendly atmosphere it has always been known for. Another Cuban restaurant is La Carreta.  If you are in South Florida, then you must visit La Carreta. La Carreta’s long-time popularity originates from its old Cuban traditional family dishes and famously authentic Cuban expresso. Where its breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a late night graving, La Carreta will satisfy your desire for Cuban cuisine.

For a pub atmosphere, you must head out to Doral Ale House. Among its dishes are juicy New York Strip steak, lobster, pastas, and Zingers boneless wings. You will also find homemade desserts on their menu. They have a full-service bar serving specialty drinks and more than 75 beers, as well as wine and liquor. Besides the food, its fun atmosphere brings in the locals.

For delicious Spanish food, Brisa de España would be your choice. Besides their excellent paella and delicious desserts, Brisa de España serves a wonderful Dover Sole and tapas. They also have delicious entries from their deli and bakery to take home. For delicious ceviche, Divino Ceviche will satisfy your graving. You will also be able to savor the wonderful Peruvian flavors in their delicious meat, chicken, and rice dishes. Among the Italian restaurants, you may visit Positano Ristorante, a contemporary, modern Italian restaurant. Its dishes include Tortellini con Prosciutto and a fettuccini placed inside a big Parmesan cheese, which melts right into the pasta.

These are just a few of the mouth-savoring dishes waiting for you at restaurants in the City of Doral.