In any community, it is important to have reliable and affordable shipping solutions. So whether you are visiting the Miami Area or are a resident, Doral has many options for you. If you desire to send products overseas, there is a company ready to assist you; if you are shipping a small, one time delivery, you can trust the multiple friendly, highly skilled Shipping and Logistic corporations in the Doral area. Call the experts that will handle your shipment with care.

Your local UPS Store in Doral cares about you—their customers. They focus on helping each individual and offer a variety of shipping services. Some mail and freight services range from priority and first class mail to ground and air freight, International air and ocean freight. They cover the simple office needs, such as stapling, binding, laminating and folding; they also provide small business solutions such as sending and receiving faxes and notary services. At your local Doral store you will meet the team and see familiar faces each time you visit; it makes sending and receiving packages so much easier and more convenient.

APX is the most reliable International Ocean shipping network because they are licensed, insured and will provide the step-by-step service that you desire. When you are looking for a broad range of industrial shippers, household goods, government shipments, individual shippers and moving companies, APX is the company you can trust. Shipping by air and ocean takes great organization to coordinate; APX takes the load off of you by providing solutions that will save you time and make you money.

If you are in need of transporting heavy cargo, such as vehicles, Doral Logistics can serve your needs. They pride themselves in being competent, efficient and delivering their shipments in a timely manner Doral Logistics specialize in International Trade and Air Freight, handling all custom requirements. They are precise in the packing of your goods, along with the handling and transferring of each item. You can count on Doral Logistics for your next shipment.

Your local Doral Freight Logistics is the shipping gateway you can between the United States and the Caribbean. Panama, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic are the main headquarters that are working on your behalf. They are reliable, efficient and dedicated to safely transporting your property—they put you first. They can meet all your transportation needs, no matter what . From Ocean Freight and Door to Door service to Packing and Crating, Doral Freight Logistics goes the extra mile to see you are satisfied.