Miami’s legendary club and bar scene is driven by fashion and great entertainment with different genres of music including Latin jazz, hip hop, dance and pop. Clubbers and bar hoppers usually begin their night at a chic lounge for happy hour on a Friday afternoon and then transition into the Night Life scene of dance clubs and the renowned parties Miami has to offer. Whether you are into dance and house music or prefer sitting and enjoying great food and drinks at a sports bar, Downtown Miami has a variety of clubs and bars where anyone can have fun and unwind from a hectic week at work.  Downtown is known for clubs like Space where the party continues all night until noon the following day and these clubbers are seen leaving the large two story warehouse building with their sunglasses on and their funky outfits, trying to rush back home to rest after a long night. It also provides an outdoor rooftop terrace for those who might need a break or some fresh air after hours of dancing and jumping around.   For almost two decades, club Space has provided an over the top experience for all the dance music lovers around the world. Today, its name is recognized not only in the United States but all over the world for being one of the best dance clubs with incredible DJ’s who will keep you dancing with their crazy beats and non-stop light shows until the sun comes up.  With its eclectic crowd, expensive drinks and their no-nonsense approach towards their customers, club Space is an experience that you will not find anywhere else in this city. It has brought large crowds of people who love DJ’s like Eric Murillo, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyke, Danny Tenaglia and Deep Dish.  Along 2nd Avenue in the heart of Downtown you will find Will Call, Miami’s newest and coolest bar. It has a large bar right in the center, a stage on one end and a pool table on the other. Bartenders are all females and they wear fishnets and garters exposing their tattoos and wearing fashionably cool hairstyles. Because of its proximity to the American Airlines Arena, many people come to drink and grab a bite before or after a Heat game. The staff that works behind the bar is not made up of regular bartenders, they are very knowledgeable and can whip out the best mixed drinks you have ever had with ingredients you would never think of using and this is why they prefer to be called Mixologists. They have over 250 spirits and their specialty drinks are made with thyme, cinnamon, cayenne, nutmeg, basil and salt which is what makes this place stand out in a city like Miami where there is so much competition in the nightlife scene. Besides alcoholic drinks, this venue offers great food and live music where you can enjoy a good local band while sipping on your specialty cocktail. While this place can be considered a high-end lounge/bar, sport addicts can come in and enjoy watching their favorite team from any of the twenty TV’s along every wall of this bar.  For a full directory, click here.