Students will find a school best suited to their needs and goals in Downtown. Education is offered in abundance in downtown Miami with exceptional schools for learning for all ages.

Downtown Miami Charter School opened in 2002 and includes teachers and staff members from many different races and nationalities. You will be kindly greeted and will love the feel of your surroundings. They are a SACS accredited tuition-free public charter school educating students from Kindergarten through sixth grade. They are a member of the Charter Schools USA family of schools and provide Dade County with a great neighborhood school of choice. Each student will have a Personal Learning Plan that will assess his or her level when enrolling in the school. Charter education develops students academically, ethically and socially. Miami Charter School strives not only to develop good students, but also good citizens. The school depends on partnerships with local businesses and organizations in the community to drive their innovative character based educational programs.

Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus in downtown Miami offers education in a unique environment, the government, cultural and financial center of the “Magic City”. The Wolfson Campus opened in 1970 and is fully accredited with high quality education to over 27,000 students each year. Their curriculum utilizes state-of-the-art technology and new approaches to teaching. The academic departments include business, college preparatory English, arts and philosophy, English and communication, mathematics, world languages, social science, natural science, health and wellness, the law center for paralegal studies. The schools offered at Wolfson Campus are the Miami Culinary Institute, School of engineering and Technology, Honors College Virtual College where you can earn your degree on line, and the Center at Miami Dade College is for actors, readers, theater aficionados, book lovers, aspiring writers and award winning authors, college student ready to make their mark on society and children learning to sound out their first words. The Wolfson Campus is also home to renowned arts and cultural events such as Jazz at Wolfson Presents, Miami Book Fair International, Jazz at Wolfson Presents and MDC Live Arts series. Find the school that best suits your needs and speak with an admissions counselor today.