Ed Sheeran has definitely become one of the most influential and talented musicians of this century and has successfully created a household name out of himself through his powerful words and melodies. Through his medium, he is able to send out wonderful messages of love, heartbreak, grievance and even hope during a time when sometimes pop culture lacks the soul and message that we so desperately need to hear. It’s no wonder that he has numerous awards to his name and is filling stadiums and arenas by the minute.

This August 30, 2017, GRAMMY® Award winner and global singing sensation, Ed Sheeran, will be blessing the grounds of Miami to deliver his strong message and to serenade everyone in the area.

Sheeran, who gained internet popularity and even hit the No. 1 spot on iTunes before even signing with his own record label is recognized all over the world for his bright red hair, aloof personality and amazing songs which he writes himself. His first few being Thinking Out Loud and Photograph. On this momentous occasion, he will be sharing the stage with his special guest, James Blunt, who brought us the tunes of You’re Beautiful and Perfect- another amazing artist.
This concert will be in celebration and promotion of this third studio album, ÷ (pronounced as divide), which also includes the songs Castle on a Hill, Happier, The A Team and Lego House, just to name a few. The English singer and songwriter are set to perform at the American Airline Arena in Miami and as of today, tickets are officially sold out.

For more news and updates on Sheeran’s whereabouts, concert announcements and what not, make sure to follow him on his social media accounts so you never miss a single beat!

Erica Grace

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