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Summertime is travel time whether by plane, train or automobiles. Keeping energy levels high and avoiding an energy roller coaster associated with meal-skipping are the ultimate goals for staying on track even when schedules are anything but normal.

Traveling requires clear thinking—a sharp & focused mind fueled by a continuous flow of high quality fuel that can’t disappoint, disrupt the gut, or disconnect your “train” of thought whether driving or staying alert in new or unfamiliar places.

1. Get Clean Energy

The cleaner your food the better for you!

Look for 100% organic food whenever possible—the less toxin & POP (Persistent Organic Pollutant) exposure the better. Why? Traveling in itself is environmentally toxic with transit exhausts, germs & water issues typically in the mix. Keeping your food clean and free of all unnecessary artificial anything can minimize your immediate risk for aches, pains, migraines, gas & bloating or long term consequences as toxins can potentially reside in your body for years and linked to everything from endocrine issues including obesity, diabetes, infertility; inflammation & even cancer.

Look for food labels with ingredients you can read & understand. Go for fresh, locally-sourced farmer’s market or simple grocery store snacks; clear packaging where the food is visible or the labels have pictures of real food representative of what’s in the package.

2. Eat like a baby!

No doubt, whole fresh food is always preferred but when traveling not always practical to peel an orange or banana, hard-boiled egg, carry a shake or sandwich on the road.

One portable, safe strategy for tying yourself over until the next pit stop are baby pouches. Yes you heard it here. Organic baby pouches are a great way to get a daily dose of fruits, veggies, vitamins and minerals. They are easy to carry, airline size approved, and offer dozens of veg/fruit blend “flavors”. They often have more than 100% of some vitamins and minerals like the antioxidants A and C. Some pouches contain protein and essential fats like chia seeds for omega 3s. Safe & sanitary too, consuming pouches requires no special prep, storage or even handling.

3. Drink Up!

Getting enough to drink keep a mind, gut, and body healthy and strong especially when traveling. The key is to find clear, clean, BPA free packaged liquid and to drink up! Be sure to get a few liters of fluid a day, 9 cups of fluid for women (2.7 liters/day) & 13 cups for men (3.7 liters a day) or about ½ of your body weight in ounces to be exact. You’ll need more if it’s hot & humid, if you’re losing weight after your workouts or end of day or indulging in one too many while vacationing.

If you plan to work out, health experts recommend:

* About 2 cups of fluid 2-3 hours before your workout;

* ½ cup to 1 cup every 15 to 20 minutes during training.

* 2 to 2 ½ cups of fluid for every pound lost during exercise.

Check your weight before & after work outs to get a sense of the weight lost in sweat & what needs to be replaced.

As for what to drink? Chilled fluids like bottled water are best for maximum absorption; coconut water and low sugar all natural sports drinks with electrolytes for longer workouts. Electrolytes, minerals such as sodium, potassium & magnesium are critical for nerve & muscle contraction & relaxation. Without enough electrolytes and you’ll be at risk for lightheadedness, nausea & even fainting. The best sports drinks contain nothing artificial, no BVOs (Brominated Vegetable Oils), a flame retardant added to some popular sports drinks to protect citrus flavors (banned in Europe, not in the US.)




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Lisa Dorfman, MS, RD, CSSD, LMHC, FAND-The Running Nutritionist®

Author: Legally Lean (Momentum Media, 2015)

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