Among the many things that Miami is known for, they are widely recognized as a city with rich Cuban culture injected into their everyday lives which can be witnessed in their residents, their architecture and art, food and much more.

Because of Cuba’s rich culture that has greatly influenced the city, Miami will be celebrating Afro- Cuban traditions and cultures through an IFE- ILE Afro- Cuban Dance Festival which will be celebrated from August 14 to August 19.

This three-day event was designed to bring the community together in song and dance dedicated to preserving the Afro- Cuban culture while at the same time promoting awareness, spreading education, uniting different cultures through the power of dance.

Among the few activities that guests can expect on these days are: a children’s camp where kids can learn more about the culture, learn about Afro- Cuban dances and drumming; an academic conference which is to be held at the History Miami; cocktail parties and many presentations by dancers and musicians all from world renowned Cuban dance companies.

Dance companies such as Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba and Ban Rarra will be a part of this celebration and participants can expect exceptional performances with a lot of interaction which is great for anyone who loves to get in on the action.

The IFE- ILE Afro- Cuban Dance festival is brought to us by a non-profit organization based in Miami and are currently the forerunners in promoting Afro-Cuban culture and heritage in the United States of America.

Ticket rates for the event are at $220 per person which entitles the ticket bearers to experience and enjoy all the activities for the full 3 days of the celebration.

To find out more about IFE- ILE and the celebration itself, feel free to check out their official website:

Erica Grace

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