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Athletes from all over the world are traveling to Miami, once again, to experience the most challenging yet rewarding triathlon experiences of a lifetime! Yes, the Ironman Miami triathlon is in town again and this time is attracting an even bigger, better and more competitive crowd than ever before!

With the race proper happening on the 22nd of October, participants and spectators will be welcomed with open arms as early as the 20th with a City Bikes Ironman 70.3 event to kick everything off.

Respective briefings, checking in and events will occur during this period and Miami is expected to be filled to the brim with triathlon participants and enthusiasts from all over the world.

With a highly acclaimed record worldwide, Miami has definitely become a contender on the list of the best places to experience and complete a triathlete’s experience which is no surprise as to why registration immediately filled up as soon as the competition dates were released. With categories for the relay and individual competitors, all participants are expected to have a challenging yet scenic view of the best that Miami has to offer- its people, places, and natural resources!

During this weekend, visitors and participants from all over the world are expected to flock the event area and even the fine beaches of Miami. With Hyatt Regency Miami being the main hotel for registered participants, being only 2 blocks away from the events’ start and finish line, a special promotion is available for City Bike Ironman 70.3 Miami athletes. Those interest in availing of this code is highly encouraged to click this link to take advantage of this budget saving offer.

Volunteers who wish to partake in this event and offer a helping hand are welcome with open arms. In fact, together with 1000 volunteers every year, the team has been ensuring optimum safety and security since the very first race to occur in Miami.

There are no age limitations to being a volunteer and those interested are highly encouraged to fill out an online application form for whichever area of responsibility you are most interested in. For more information and for the form, feel free to check out this link.

The city of Miami is extremely excited and looking forward to meeting and housing all the visitors and participants of this prestigious event. We hope that you get to experience everything that we have to offer and that you have a wonderful time during your stay here!

Good luck to all!

Erica Grace

Erica Rosello acquired her Bachelor’s degree in Business with a minor in English from FIU. Her Passion for Miami, the city she grew up in, has enabled her to capture and highlight all of the Beauty and Power “The Most Exciting City in the World” has to offer. For exclusive interviews and advertising opportunities, please contact