Marketing your company in the competitive market of today is a serious undertaking and you need an agency that has many years of experience with a team of professionals. Here are just a few to choose from in the Key Biscayne area.

AMGW Agency is a full service digital advertising and public relations agency. They are backed with over twenty years of award winning experience that includes comprehensive media buying, digital marketing and public relations. They have specialty teams of skilled professionals from each division so their clients can accomplish their strategies, objectives and goals. They provide a list of media services for clients and advertising industry leaders direct. They provide their services for both domestic and Canadian clients and offer one of the most expanded International media offerings in the industry. All of their media services can be completed in a language specific format for regional, national and/or global campaigns. Print services include classifieds, magazines, newspapers and advertorials (paid-for- editorial). Television and radio services are network, cable, local and satellite and internet-based. Banner advertising includes skyscraper campaigns, fixed banner, box and rich media (instertitial ads, expandable, homepage takeover, floating ads). E-Marketing services are sponsorships, newsletters, B2B, audio/video interactive Emails, opt in Email blasts, corporate communications, customer loyalty and general consumer advertising. Video services are web commercials and online audio/video strategies (pre-roll, post-roll, in-banner video, long form video).

BP Media & Partners is an integrated marketing and communications agency with more than ten years of experience in the public relations, advertising, marketing industry and web solution. On a one to one basis from small business solutions to large corporations they understand the needs of their clients. Their commitment is to get your company ahead with an added value of creativity and profit-driven solutions in the competitive market of today. Their services include strategic advertising planning, creative advertising campaigns, broadcast advertising, printing and production, graphic design, brand positioning strategies, advertising promotional products, art direction, outdoor media and wide digital format, brand research and development and media buying and planning.