Insurance is a way that many people protect their families and property from unexpected issues, damage and accidents. Find the best suited insurance policy for your specific needs and feel comforted with the security an insurance policy offers you.

PVG Insurance Group provides high level personalized service to their individual and business customers. Their core focus is to identify risk and assist clients in locating the best insurance to protect their lifestyle and particular needs. PVG Insurance Group understands the state of Florida is under risk due to catastrophic weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, tropical storms and more. For this reason they will help you find the best flood, wind and homeowners insurance at an affordable price.

Many families have special items that are passed down from generation to generation. These items are priceless to the owner and their family. Unfortunately, there are times when homes are burglarized and these precious items are stolen. PVG Insurance Group will help you find an insurance policy that will financially protect your valuable articles, fine art, jewelry and even classic cars. They will work alongside of you, educating and guiding you through the process of obtaining the best insurance.

PVG Insurance Group is a trusted and respected insurance group that has served south Florida for many years. Put your trust in them as they assist you with all types of insurance policies including term life, permanent life, annuities, protection of entities and principles, industry specific coverage, family office liability, yacht, watercraft, aviation, automobile, condominiums, umbrella and much more.

PVG Insurance Group also offers unique insurance coverage for extortion, kidnapping and ransom. This type of coverage is rarely offered by other insurance agencies in south Florida. At times, dishonest people may focus their attention towards you or your family. Protect you and your family by discussing the kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance with an agent at PVG Insurance Group today.