The mission of Baptist Hospital is to improve the health and well-being of individuals, and to promote the sanctity and preservation of life, in the communities we serve.

Baptist Hospital is just twenty minutes from Miami International Airport, located at 8900 N. Kendall Drive near the University of Miami. It is one of the most respected Medical Centers in South Florida for over fifty years. It is the natural choice throughout the world for a growing number of people, because of the hospital’s full range of medical and technological services. The finest technology and a staff that is highly and qualified provide a model for treatment capabilities that few other community hospitals can compare with. Baptist Hospital has a fully equipped state of the art Emergency Room open 365 days a year, 7 days a week to be sure to meet all patients’ critical needs giving them superior care.

Baptist Hospital treats a large variety of illnesses, diseases and health concerns along with their Sleep Diagnostic Center. There are one third of Americans estimated to be suffering from sleep disorders, such as trouble with staying asleep, not sleeping through the night or problems falling asleep. These disorders need to be treated immediately to avoid problems such as the inability to finish daily tasks, becoming disoriented and chronic fatigue. Sleep Apneas Syndrome causes patients to stop and start breathing several times while asleep and could happen several hundred times a night lasting several seconds. This will cause sore throat, becoming drowsy in the daytime, heavy snoring and morning headaches. This disorder may result in irregular heartbeat, impotence, lung disease, high blood pressure and heart failure. The specialists at Baptist Hospital take pride in working together to diagnose and treat these problems to insure the patient with a better quality of life.