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Popular Halloween Costumes for 2017

That spooky time of year is arriving soon! In just a few weeks Halloween will be arriving. Do you have your costume chosen yet? Some people have been planning their costume all year long, while others are last minute decision makers. If you haven’t decided on your...

Express Your Inner-Goddess with Monaco Coin Pearls

SAMPLE! The enchanting country of Monaco is filled with beauty specifically expressed in their fashion and accessories. The timeless style of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco is still seen in the many designs available today. If you are seeking to embrace her enchanting...

Old Bathing Suites

I recently decided it was time to clean house of some old bathing suits. It's shocking how many swimsuits we accumulate over the years! Some of mine either no longer fit me, or just weren't in style anymore. So that got me thinking, I can't be the only one who has...