In the 21st Century business world two things are needed: a website and social media accounts. Business owners are becoming aware of the importance of having a website and social media presence. However, most do not keep their social media accounts current or use them in tandem with their website. The following tips will guide you to using your social media platforms in tandem with your website.

  • Your Website – First, let’s take a look at your business website. Do you have links to your social media sites? You probably have seen these types of links on other websites you have visited. They are those small icons that with the social media logo such as an “F” for Facebook and a “T” for Twitter and so on. You want to create these links immediately and place them in an easy to see place on your website. Your goal is to allow the visitors to your website to visit your social media sites as quickly as possible so they can follow you on social media.
  • Brand your Website and Social Media Accounts – All of your social media accounts and website should be branded. This includes the same color theme as well as the same business logo. Your goal is to create a uniform look across the board.
  • Update Your Website – You might be a social media guru and post exciting events, sales and promotions throughout all of your social media platforms. However, your website might lack the details. If you promote something, make sure it is also shown on your website. A potential consumer that wants to purchase a product they see on your social media platform and follows the link to your website is expecting to have easy access to ordering the product. Make it easy for your consumers by creating a link from your social media posts to your website. Remember, the social media posts capture the attention of consumers and your website finalized the sale.

Finding creative ways to link social media platforms and your website is essential to getting the best from online marketing. Using familiar social media icons on your website and creating a uniform look will help lead you to creating a successful online presence. Remember to always use your business website and social media platforms in tandem to get the best of both worlds.