A picture is worth a thousand words. Real Estate agents and companies attract potential buyers through online posts. This means you need to take pictures of your home and show it at its very best! Always clean, repair, renovate and paint before taking the photos. The following tips will help you take excellent pictures that will show off your home and attract potential buyers.

  • Natural Light – Open all of the shades, curtains and other window treatments to expose the windows. Natural sunlight beaming through the window is the perfect lighting source for any picture.
  • Kneel Down – When taking pictures you want to show every part of each room. If you kneel down on your knees and take the picture you will notice the room looks larger than a picture taken at normal height. Try different angles until you find the perfect one.
  • Avoid Ceilings – Avoid taking pictures of the ceiling, especially ceiling fans. Potential buyers can view this when they arrive for a walk through. Unfortunately, even the best looking ceiling fans don’t appeal to many potential buyers.
  • Take Close-ups – There are special areas in every house that should be highlighted. A beautifully designed banister, molding, windows etc can be the selling point of your home. Take a close-up picture of these items to show potential buyers your home has something special others do not offer.
  • Add Flowers – This sounds like a crazy tip, but a small bouquet of flowers in every room can really add extra appeal in pictures.
  • Outdoor Angles – The outdoor appeal of the house is just as important as the indoors. Find the special outdoor areas on your property that will really captivate the attention of potential buyers. A large patio, swimming pool, koi pond, landscaping and garden create excellent pictures that grab attention. If you are selling a family home you can consider taking pictures of a swing set in the backyard, to show future families there is plenty of room for a new one.

Take at least two pictures per room within the house. Make sure each room is decorated to perfection, clean and organized. Open the shades, curtains, and other window treatments to allow the sunshine to fill the room. Take at least five photos of the outdoors, especially specific areas that potential buyers will find appealing. Use a good quality digital camera to capture every room at its best. Always think of the pictures as a selling tool that will attract the right buyer.

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Brandon Alvarez is a Miami based realtor serving the South Florida market and is passionate about making sure that your dream home acquisition becomes a reality. He can be reached at 305-926-1335 or via email at ba@welcometomiami.com.