Do you need to submit an insurance claim? Looking for representation for an upcoming case? Miami Beach has many different firms that can fulfill your needs. They will consult you and walk you through each part of the process. Hiring a lawyer should never be based solely upon advertisements. You should engage representation that best fits your needs. Before you decide, check out Miami Beach’s local firms and research their qualifications and experience.

Don’t take any chances with the freedoms you have. Kenny Law P.A., is Miami’s DUI Defense Firm and is ready to represent anyone facing DUI charges in the Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, Broward and Miami-Dade counties. Joshua Kenny has extensive law experience and has an impressive career helping his clients fight their case and revaluate their current path. He is focused on you, his client—providing affordable representation and being available any time you are in need.

Lozano Insurance Adjusters Inc. is dedicated to proving quality from the very beginning and commits to have a strong attention to detail when representing your case—this sets them apart. A team of experts will offer management for your claims and physical damage appraisals. With hurricane season looming in South Florida, they make all preparations so they are equip and ready to assist you, your family and your homes. They are confident that because of their experience, totaling over 100 years and because of their extensive knowledge on the region, they are your insurance adjuster in Miami Beach. No matter what the catastrophe that you experience, Lozano can handle each one of your needs.

At Swimmer Law Associates P.A., they will use all of their tools and expertise to earn the results you seek, no matter what. They are a local firm who provide clients the same resources as a large firm can, without losing the personal attention and assistance that they offer. The team representing Swimmer Law are only the best, they have extensive experience with the business industry and they fully understand the law. Whatever you are in need of their attorneys will help you achieve the goal. They guide their clients, they listen to each and every word, and they will assist you in preparing for the future.