In Miami Beach, there are many options for your child to receive quality education in a safe and nurturing environment. They invest extra time and money in ensuring your child will have small class sizes, latest technologies and specialty classes in art, music, media, foreign language and science. This community puts education as a top priority and therefore desires to see their children achieving their dreams and reaching their goals. The City of Miami Beach desires to enhance each student’s potential for learning and to foster positive interpersonal relationships during their schooling years.

Fisher Island Day School is the first step to your child’s education. They get each child excited about learning and show them how to “love learning” through group activities, hands-on education and celebrating individual progress. This enhances their experience and builds a solid foundation for them to build upon. Upon leaving Fisher Island School, the students are well prepared and successful at Miami’s top middle and high schools.

At Nautilus Middle School, students are offered a variety of courses and electives for their overall academic progress. They are committed to challenging each student while encouraging individual learning and diversified education—to enhance their academic knowledge and to retain the material. Education at Nautilus Middle places emphasis on student achievement; and between the teachers providing students with the necessary tools to be successful and the students striving for excellence, they are able to achieve this mission. This Miami Beach International Baccalaureate school produces results each and every year and are ready to educate the next generation.

High School years should be a time students are taught how to develop a culture of success beyond their education. It is important for students to be stimulated by the curriculum and guided through real life-lessons while in a safe and conducive learning environment.  Miami Beach Senior High is proud to admit that they achieve this stance by taking each students educational journey personal. The educators and supporting staff are committed to making each student aware of their surmounting potential and instilling values such as integrity, respect and self-esteem; believing this combination will enable them to nurture life-long learning.

Miami Ad School prepares students for the real world in the advertising industry. They have been named the best advertising school in the world by the Gunn report for four consecutive years. Miami Ad School graduates have tough mentors—only the best in the industry! Their graduates use all these experiences to create really brilliant things. They are more than just a school of advertising: Miami Ad School is a design school, creative writing school, photography school, technical school, business school and education center, all rolled together.

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