The Real Estate market in Miami continues to be an upward trend especially from Latin American investors, but there are big changes coming our way. Miami’s 21st century Real Estate Boom is underway costing approximately ten billion dollars and is projected for Downtown Miami along the Bay up Biscayne Boulevard.  In addition, the infrastructure project known as the Port of Miami Tunnel is scheduled to be completed by the year 2014.  The project will eventually take trucks off the roads, clearing away much of the traffic congestion and allowing for a more efficient transport. A multimillion dollar beautification in Bayfront Park and a mega-yacht marina, will welcome lucrative revenue and multimillion dollar yachts. State of the arts parking lots will become skyscrapers making it even more inviting for permanent residency. Genting’s Resort World, one of the largest resorts in North America will be right next door to The Performing Arts Center featuring restaurants, Theaters, shops and much more. Museum Park will actualize Miami Arts Museum and The Science Museum. Miami World Center will host retail convention center hotels while Citi Center’s One Bayfront Plaza will be the tallest building in Miami. One Bayfront Plaza will measure one thousand ten feet, making it the first-over one thousand feet building approved in this Magic City. With The American Airlines Arena within walking distance and in the middle of the financial district, who would pass up living or visiting this hot, fresh urban and chic ten billion dollar mile?  What could possibly top this Real Estate boom?  Well, the proposed Miapolis, the world’s tallest building embracing an indoor amusement park, trade center and observatory in Watson Island. This little city’s real estate and economy, as we know it, is changing faster than a blink of an eye, so get ready for a residential and commercial melting pot and the Miami of the 21st century. Welcome to MIAMI 21!