Did you place your house on the market and receive low offers or no offers at all? You might be panicking and stressing out at this moment but you don’t have to. Take a deep breath, stay focused and consider the following recommendations on what to do if you have not sold your house in 90 days.

  • Offers – What type of offers did you receive while your home was on the market for 90 days? Did you receive any? Were the offers too low? This is the time to consider if you priced your home too high. If you received several offers at the same low price range it might be appropriate for your neighborhood. Discuss the issue with a real estate agent so they can help you determine any pricing issues.
  • Temporarily Take Your House Off the Market – Take your house off the market so you can re-evaluate the possible issue. Sometimes when a home has been on the market for 90 days potential buyers think there is something wrong with it and don’t even consider it an option. Removing your home from the market allows you the chance to start fresh.
  • Freshen Up Your House – After 90 days on the market you probably had many potential buyers walking through your home. Take this time to clean up and organize. Also, you might want to think about some of the comments you heard from the potential buyers. Was the kitchen or bathroom out of date? Was there a reoccurring comment from different potential buyers? That kitchen counter top might have ruined the entire house. It’s surprising to think about, but it is a possibility.
  • Do you have the right real estate agent? – Before you start blaming the agent, make sure you consider the tip listed above first. Usually, the issue is pricing or aesthetics. Rarely, it is the agent. But, you should have a discussion with your realtor to make sure you are all on the same path.

Your real estate agent is a secret weapon when it comes to selling your home. They have extensive knowledge and experience that allows them to find the best buyer for your home. Always be honest with your agent, as well as provide details about the outcome you are looking for. Remember to listen carefully regarding pricing. Because an overpriced home can stay on the market forever. Take action and speak with your real estate agent today!