Business owners often have their social media accounts set up, but don’t know what to post. This common struggle with using social media as a marketing tool has become a road block for many business owners. If you are having trouble creating high quality posts, the following details will guide you to success!

Creating a Post

  • Think of an Idea – Focus on your business and attracting customers. If you offer services, you will need to post about special offers and benefits. If you sell products, you need to promote specific products and post sales and promotions. Create posts that promote what you are trying to sell, whether it is a service or product.
  • Include Pictures – Choose a picture that reflects the content of your post. If you are offering a sale for the weekend, include a picture reflecting the items that are on sale. Also, include a link to your website where the consumer can make the purchase.
  • Make a Video – You will be surprised that most online users prefer to see videos and pictures than read text and content. Make your posts visually pleasing by including a video related to the post. Show sale items or how services you offer work. Make them fun and colorful to capture the attention of consumers.

Posting on Social Media

By now you already know that posting a variety of social media outlets is essential to taking full advantage of free online marketing opportunities. Keep track of all the social media sites you are signed up for and make sure you post on all the sites. Your goal is to create a uniform look with your posting. This means if a consumer see’s your post on Twitter, they should also see the same post on Facebook and other social media sites. If you choose to only post on one social media outlet and ignore the others you can be limiting your exposure to potential customers. Remember social media outlets give you access to billions of potential consumers. It’s up to you to capture their attention.

You can go onto each social media site individually and post, or you can take advantage of a social media managing tool that allows you to post on various websites simultaneously. Some business owners enjoy the process of individual posting, while others prefer to complete the task as quickly as possible. Whatever you decide, make sure you are comfortable with the process and you get the task done on a regular basis. Don’t hesitate, get started posting today to gain access to billions of potential customers.