MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – Miami Beach is known for its surf, sun and plenty of sand and on the sands of South Beach, Mia Dequine’s life changed forever. Dequine is a certified beach volleyball enthusiast.

Nine years ago she had never played beach volleyball and would only watch the other people playing on the sand courts during her lunch break. Her single life looked very different from what it looks like now

“There’s a lot of couples here that met on the beach, so ladies if you’re single and want some handsome men, play some good volleyball,” she said. “Yea, there’s a lot of couples that met here on the beach.”

Dequine says that now with a smile on her face as she watches her son, two daughters and her husband play in the sand.

This is Mia’s life now, far from single, and she has one great reason for that; volleyball.

“Not only did I meet my husband but I created a great group of friends a community here, that is so special.”

CBS4 met Mia through our Moving You campaign and she told us volleyball changed her life.

She now finds herself on the South Beach sand courts every day with a group of people that view exercise differently and can’t imagine life without it.

“When I found volleyball and I started to come here on a normal basis, I stopped going to the gym,” she recalled. “I never had a gym membership after that.”

Mia never grew up with the sport but watching from afar grew her interest in the sport.

“I was so intimidated, I would be able to play but I had never touched a ball and then one year I was like I’m just gonna go for it.”

She went after something she wanted. She didn’t have experience in it and that’s something that holds many people back from pursuing new things but her adventurous spirit is infectious.

“A lot of us started with not knowing a thing, just like myself, so if you have motivation and are looking to try something new, you totally have to come out here. It’s beautiful.”

It’s the beauty of South Beach and the friends they have made here that bring Mia and her husband there daily.

“It’s pretty much a part of our life because we want to incorporate being outside and playing, whether it’s us playing and getting our physical activity, or it’s our kids. I think it’s very important to get your kids out and get them playing.”

Who knew a little courage, some sand and a net would change her life.

The sand courts on South Beach are open and welcome to anyone. They have a beginner class every Saturday from 9-11am for about $20 on Ocean Drive between 7th and 8th.

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