Finding an honest and trustworthy insurance company in South Miami is easy. Many insurance companies are focused on the well-being of their customers and they are eager to assist you in finding the best insurance policy for your lifestyle at affordable prices.

Qbik Insurance is conveniently located in South Miami. Their focus is to earn your trust and offer the best insurance policy for your needs. Personal insurance options include home, flood, motorcycle, auto, boat, watercraft, umbrella, health and life. They also offer commercial coverage such as Miami general liability, workers compensation, commercial property, commercial automobile, professional liability, garage, condo association, commercial umbrella and builders risk insurance. Contact Qbik insurance today to speak to a licensed agent regarding your specific insurance needs.

The Insurance Guy is an insurance company that does all the shopping and competitive price comparisons for you. They have the opportunity to represent a wide range of excellent, reputable insurance companies and offer you only the best rates. Contact The Insurance Guy today and speak with one of their licensed insurance specialists for your free quote today. Insurance coverage options include auto, commercial auto, homeowners, motorcycle, ATV, Boat, RV, Segway HT and much more.

Kettler Financial Services has been serving South Florida for more than 20 years. This full-service, independent insurance company is dedicated to building strong professional relationships with each client by providing excellent customer service and honest, trustworthy advice and insurance policies. They offer personal protection and retirement planning strategies such as disability income protection, life, long-term care, tax-deferred annuities, mutual funds and individual retirement accounts. In addition to the personal insurance coverage, Kettler financial services also offer employee benefits including dental, medical, life, disability and 401K plans. Contact Kettler Financial services today to make an appointment with one of their friendly, educated and professional insurance specialists today.