Residents have an amazing shipping company located within the South Miami community just waiting to help you with your shipping needs.

Initial Logistics is a full service logistics and dispatch company that offers statewide, nationwide and international shipping services. They are licensed through the FMCSA and Bonded through a private organization. They can move any vehicle or equipment whether operable or inoperable throughout all 50 states. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide you with the best service and low prices. They ship all models and brands of cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, ATV/trikes, specialized use vehicles, human powered vehicles, heavy equipment, boats, golf carts, motorcycles, RVs and motor homes. They have all modes of specialized trailers available to fit your needs. Their customers are individuals located anywhere within the US, car collectors and enthusiast clubs, corporate movers, auto dealerships, military personnel, construction teams, salvage yards, online customers and import/export personnel. Initial Logistics has a three tiered system to transport your vehicle which gives you the choice as to what priority your shipment will arrive at the destination by the time you need it to. The expedited system is within the first 48 hours after completing their service agreement or any one day in the future your vehicle will be picked up. They dispatch a driver immediately within 48 hours. Anyone that is planning to travel on or around religious or national holidays this would be the best service to choose. After the service agreement is complete or any 4 day window in the future, your vehicle will be picked up within the first 5 days. The standby service is after their service agreement is complete or any 31 day window in the future they will pick up your vehicle within the first 31 days. This service is for those who do not have time limits and are not in a rush. They will lower their prices to help you with your non-priority transport needs. Initial Logistics will be available to give you updates until your vehicle arrives at your door giving you the best customer service in the industry.