Obtaining a green card in the United States provides immigrants with permanent resident status. Those eligible to apply for a green card includes spouses, unmarried children under the age of 21, parents of U.S. citizens, step children, step parents and adopted children. You can also obtain an employment-based green card as well as through other methods including military service, K nonimmigrant fiancé, green card lottery, refugee or Asylee. The top 5 benefits of obtaining a green card are listed below.

1.- Protection – As a green card holder you are protected by all U.S. local, state and federal laws.
2.- U.S. Citizenship Eligibility – A green card holder is eligible to apply for United States citizenship according to current laws and regulations.
3.- Sponsorship – As a green card holder you are capable of sponsoring immediate family members.
4.- International Travel – Your green card status allows you to travel at will. You are able to stay outside of the United States for up to 6 months before having to return.
5-. Entrepreneur Opportunities – As a green card holder you are able to start a business or corporation.

There is a long list of benefits from obtaining a green card. However, the one’s listed above are often the top of the priority list for most immigrants. The immigration laws in the United States change on a regular basis. It’s highly recommended to discuss your options and the specific situation with a licensed attorney.

The guidance you will receive from an attorney will allow you to see a clear path of your journey to obtaining a green card. There are plenty of regulations, guidelines, laws and rules that apply and have to be adhered to. An attorney will explain in detail how the process works and what path is best suited to your specific situation.

Once you obtain your green card you can begin enjoying the many benefits it provides. Sponsoring immediate family members are often the first action a new green card holder prefers to take. Immediate family such as a spouse or children can join you in the United States with the help of sponsorship.

While the benefits of a green card are plentiful the process of obtaining one can be quite lengthy and complicated. The assistance of an attorney is necessary to get through the process correctly. If you are not sure you are eligible for a green card, contact an attorney today for further assistance.