Wynwood was once a Brownfields area that was revitalized and in just a few short years has become a prestigious mega world-class arts district.  Wynwood is known as “Little San Juan” as it is a neighborhood with a large Puerto Rican population. Home to the Fashion and Arts District, one has to personally experience Wynwood to really understand and feel the sense of “Art in the air.”  It may appear to be a bit eccentric and eclectic all at the same time.  The Wynwood experience is not just during Art Basel but rather it is a year round painter’s canvas to marvel. There are so many galleries to explore and so little time.  A great way to began your journey and really savor this artist’s paradise is to begin at the Wynwood Walls.  The concept Mr. Goldman mastered up is brilliance beyond brilliant to say the least.  This artist’s gem of a theme park will entice your attention immediately.  Even if you are not a graffiti fan, anyone can appreciate amazing art.  This is the kind of visitor’s attraction one must see to fathom. It is simply a fascinating artist’s playground.  Next door to Wynwood Walls is the Wynwood Kitchen where you will find great food and exceptional atmosphere in one location.  Another very popular must do while in Wynwood is the Art Walk held on the second Saturday of every month and happens to be free unless you are attending a guided tour.  Keep in mind that guided tours are usually sold out right away so book early.  A rear and fabulous place to visit is the Bakehouse Art complex.  This raw and unexpected maze muse is home to many local artists who can be seen daily working on their showpieces in full view of the public.  Bakehouse used to be just that, a bread factory back in the day.  Today, baking up some fantastic art is this non-profit heaven for local emerging painters, creators, sculptors, artisans and art lovers.  Among the many beautiful pieces, you will also see incredible art composed of all types of materials taken out of garbage cans and recycled into beautiful works of art.  Everywhere you look, you will see ART staring back at you. On the second Friday of each month visit the Bakehouse and enjoy live music, an open wine bar, always free parking and some amazing exhibits.  For more information contact Gita at gshonek@bacfl.org If you are not an official artists but have room for expression, not far from Wynwood is a place for “the artist in all of us” called “Painting With a Twist”.  Expect this fun adventure to last between two to three hours and you will happily walk away with your very own masterpiece and feeling like a real Picasso! There are plenty of five star and boutique hotels near Wynwood.  For a full directory listing, click here.